What we offer

We offer and promote a wide range of job vacancies posted by employers who want to encourage the hiring of newcomers. Newcomers all over the country have the education, skills, potential, and passion for any job! Newcomers are a great segment of Canada’s population, and NewcomersHire.ca strives to help them find their first job. Here is what we offer to employees and employers:

It is frustrating and challenging for newcomers to find employment in Canada because Canadian employers are reluctant to hire them because they lack Canadian work experience. Our goal is to find employers who see the benefits of hiring newcomers.

Our company’s mission is to match newcomers with employers who are eager to hire them, even if they have limited or no experience.


It is difficult for employers to hire Newcomers because they do not have the demonstrated job skills and experience necessary to earn their first Canadian job. But here at NewcomersHire.ca, employers can find a highly skilled newcomer candidates. We offer honest service, fair pricing to every employer, and the best balance and value on the market. You can contact us if you need additional or specialized support through our listed office location and phone number; our goal is to help and be a valuable partner for you.


Why should you choose us?

The NewcomersHire.ca job portal is one of Canada’s top job boards for newcomer candidates. Our website makes it easier and more convenient to register as a recruiter or job seeker. We aim to bridge the gap between employers and newcomers in Canada by offering long-term career development opportunities.

Moreover, NewcomersHire.ca is highly demanded in the industrial and commercial sectors since it is user-friendly, cost-effective, and highly efficient.