Security Guard NOC Code – NOC 6541

NOC Version: NOC 2011 Version

Position Summary for NOC 6541 - Security guards and related security service occupations

Security Guard NOC code is all about professionals who play a vital role in maintaining safety and order across various settings in Canada, and their responsibilities are detailed under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 6541. These dedicated professionals are tasked with protecting property against theft, vandalism, and fire, controlling access to establishments, and ensuring the enforcement of regulations at public events and within organizations. Their work contributes significantly to the security of both public and private spaces, making the role of a security guard an essential component of Canada’s workforce.

Individuals in security supervisor group roles within the 6541 occupational category play a crucial part in ensuring the safety and well-being of people and property in various settings. These professionals are responsible for managing teams of security personnel, implementing security protocols, and ensuring a safe environment for employees, visitors, and clients. Their duties may include conducting safety inspections, developing and enforcing security policies, and coordinating with other departments or organizations to maintain a secure and efficient workplace. To excel in this role, individuals may need to complete government-required training, including courses offered by Ontario services, to meet the necessary qualifications. Additionally, security supervisor group roles are essential in overseeing security teams, implementing strategies, and maintaining a high level of service quality. For those seeking job opportunities in this field, a thorough search using the provided terms can help connect with relevant government and training services to find the best positions available across Canada.

The Canadian government offers services and support to help individuals find the right training programs and job opportunities in this field. For those interested in pursuing a security supervisor group role, additional training and experience may be required to manage teams and implement security strategies.

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Job Titles Specific for NOC 6541 in Canada

  • Alarm investigator
  • Armoured car guard
  • Bodyguard (except police)
  • Commissionaire
  • Corporate security officer
  • Gate attendant – security
  • House detective
  • Night guard
  • Postal inspection officer
  • Private investigator
  • Private security officer
  • Retail loss prevention officer
  • Security guard

Main Responsibilities common for NOC 6541 in Canada

  1. Patrolling and Monitoring: They are responsible for patrolling designated areas to prevent and detect signs of intrusion, ensuring the security of the premises.
  2. Access Control: Security guards manage access to buildings or other protected areas by checking identification, issuing passes, and directing visitors to appropriate areas. They are also responsible for monitoring CCTV systems.
  3. Emergency Response: In the event of emergencies such as fires or bomb threats, security guards are trained to respond promptly, following established safety and emergency procedures.
  4. Maintaining Order: They ensure that safety and security rules are followed within the establishment, resolving conflicts and de-escalating potentially stressful situations.
  5. Reporting and Documentation: Security guards are responsible for maintaining thorough records of security-related activities, including any incidents or breaches, and reporting these to the appropriate authorities or management.
  6. Enforcing Regulations: They enforce the regulations of the establishment to maintain order, which can involve issuing warnings or detaining individuals until law enforcement

Job Requirements for NOC 6541 in Canada

  1. Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 years old to work as a security guard, except in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia, where the minimum age is 19.
  2. Criminal Record: You must have a clean criminal record in Canada to be eligible for a security guard position

Median Hourly Wages by Provinces

  • Canada (Overall): $30.03/hour 
  • Alberta: $20.09/hour or $38,019.00/year
  • British Columbia: $19.86/hour or $38,019.00/year
  • Manitoba: $17.00/hour or $34,960.00/year
  • New Brunswick: $16.00/hour or $32,000.00/year
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: $18.00/hour or $36,480.00/year
  • Northwest Territories: $22.00/hour or $44,800.00/year
  • Nova Scotia: $16.00/hour or $32,000.00/year
  • Nunavut: $25.00/hour or $49,000.00/year
  • Ontario: $16.17/hour or $32,340.00/year
  • Prince Edward Island: $16.00/hour or $32,000.00/year
  • Quebec: $17.00/hour or $34,960.00/year
  • Saskatchewan: $17.00/hour or $34,960.00/year
  • Yukon: $20.00/hour or $39,200.00/year

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