70020 NOC – Managers in transportation

NOC Version: NOC 2021 Version 1.0

Position Summary for NOC 70020 - Managers in transportation

Managers in transportation (NOC 70020) in Canada are responsible for overseeing and coordinating the operations of companies that provide transportation services. Their role includes planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and evaluating the operations of transportation companies, which may involve managing staff, ensuring compliance with transportation regulations, and overseeing logistics and fleet management to ensure efficient, safe, and reliable transportation services.

Job Titles Specific for NOC 70020 in Canada

  • Transportation Manager
  • Fleet Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Shipping Manager
  • Operations Manager (Transportation)
  • Distribution Manager
  • Transit Manager
  • Freight Forwarding Manager
  • Warehouse and Distribution Manager
  • Route Manager

Main Responsibilities common for NOC 70020 in Canada

The main responsibilities of Managers in Transportation (NOC 70020) include planning, organizing, and overseeing the operations of transportation services, including managing staff and coordinating logistics. They are responsible for ensuring compliance with transportation laws and regulations, managing budgets and financial records, and developing and implementing policies and standards for operational efficiency. Additionally, these managers oversee fleet maintenance, coordinate shipping and receiving, and handle customer relations and service issues, often working to optimize routes and improve service delivery.

Job Requirements for NOC 70020 in Canada

  • Educational Background: A bachelor’s degree in business administration, logistics, transportation management, or a related field. Some positions may accept equivalent experience in lieu of formal education.

  • Experience: Several years of experience in the transportation industry, including supervisory roles, are usually required.

  • Industry Knowledge: Deep understanding of transportation and logistics operations, including legal regulations, safety standards, and environmental policies.

  • Leadership Skills: Strong leadership and management skills to effectively oversee staff and operations.

  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication abilities for internal coordination and external relations.

  • Problem-Solving Abilities: Capacity to identify and resolve operational challenges efficiently.

  • Financial Management: Skills in budgeting, financial planning, and cost control.

  • Technology Skills: Proficiency with transportation management software and relevant technology tools.

  • Adaptability: Ability to adapt to changing industry trends and regulatory environments.

  • Certifications: Certain positions might require specific industry certifications or licenses.

Median Hourly Wages by Provinces

  • Canada-wide: CAD 48.08
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: CAD 48.00
  • Prince Edward Island: CAD 36.78
  • Nova Scotia: CAD 39.90
  • New Brunswick: CAD 39.90
  • Quebec: CAD 48.08
  • Ontario: CAD 45.67
  • Manitoba: CAD 43.27
  • Saskatchewan: CAD 38.46
  • Alberta: CAD 41.27
  • British Columbia: CAD 49.23

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