NOC 6711 – Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations

NOC Version: NOC 2021 Version 1.0

Position Summary for NOC 6711 - Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations

Individuals employed in the NOC 6711 category in Canada, encompassing food counter attendants, kitchen helpers, and related support roles, are pivotal to the operational efficiency of food service establishments, providing essential assistance in food preparation, customer service, and maintaining cleanliness. Their roles demand a high level of professionalism, adaptability, and commitment to quality service, reflecting the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the food industry.

The occupation involves significant interaction with customers, making customer service skills essential. Workers in this field often search for job opportunities through school career centers or online platforms, aiming to find work that matches their skills and interests. Continuous learning and training, sometimes provided by schools or workplace programs, are crucial for advancing in this occupation and meeting the evolving demands of customer service.

In the sector identified by NOC 6711, employment prospects are diverse, with roles such as kitchen helpers, counter attendants, and related support workers being crucial. Individuals interested in these occupations often engage in a detailed search for information through various government portals and employment websites, aiming to understand the scope and requirements of the work. Schools and educational institutions also play a significant role in preparing workers for these occupations, providing the necessary training and information. For more details on these employment opportunities, government resources and job search platforms are invaluable tools, offering a wealth of information.

Within the vibrant landscape of Canada’s food service industry, those employed under the NOC 6711 classification embody the essence of diligence and customer engagement. This role is not just about aiding in food preparation or ensuring the cleanliness of establishments; it’s about creating a positive, welcoming environment for every patron. The continuous pursuit of excellence in this field is facilitated by the vast array of resources available to individuals looking to refine their craft. As they search for opportunities to grow and excel, aspiring professionals in this sector are encouraged to make use of the comprehensive help and guidance provided through various government portals and job search platforms. These resources are meticulously designed with the user in mind, offering contact information for further assistance and clearly defined terms of use, ensuring that every query or need for information is met with clarity and efficiency. This proactive approach in seeking out educational and training opportunities highlights the dynamic nature of the occupation, emphasizing the importance of staying abreast with industry standards and customer expectations.


Job Titles Specific for NOC 6711 in Canada

  • Food Counter Attendant
  • Kitchen Helper
  • Dishwasher
  • Cafeteria Assistant
  • Food Preparer
  • Sandwich Maker
  • Salad Bar Attendant
  • Busser
  • Food Service Helper

Main Responsibilities Common for NOC 6711 in Canada

For NOC 6711 positions, responsibilities are segmented into distinct areas:

  1. Food Preparation: Workers assist in preparing simple food items, ensuring ingredients are fresh and procedures follow health standards. This may involve assembling dishes, preparing snacks, or arranging food on plates.

  2. Customer Service: This role involves greeting customers, taking orders, and serving food at counters or through drive-thrus, ensuring a pleasant customer experience.

  3. Cleanliness: Maintaining hygiene in eating and kitchen areas is crucial, involving regular cleaning of surfaces, utensils, and equipment to meet health regulations.

  4. Support Tasks: These include restocking supplies, organizing food service areas for efficiency, and possibly assisting with inventory management to ensure smooth operation.

Job Requirements for NOC 6711 in Canada

For NOC 6711 roles in Canada:

  1. Educational Requirements: Often minimal, with on-the-job training provided.
  2. Experience: Previous experience in a similar role can be beneficial but is usually not mandatory.
  3. Skills: Customer service skills, ability to follow instructions, and basic food preparation knowledge are valuable.
  4. Physical Requirements: The job may require standing for long periods and handling kitchen equipment.

For specific qualifications, it’s advisable to check job listings or sector guidelines as requirements can vary by employer.

Median Hourly Wages by Provinces

For NOC 6711 in Canada, the latest median hourly wages are as follows:

  • Canada (Overall): $15.00
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: $15.00
  • Prince Edward Island: $15.00
  • Nova Scotia: $15.00
  • New Brunswick: $14.75
  • Quebec: $15.25
  • Ontario: $16.55
  • Manitoba: $15.30
  • Saskatchewan: $14.00
  • Alberta: $15.50
  • British Columbia: $16.75


In the realm of counter occupations, including attendants and helpers, the symbiosis between educational institutions and government services plays a pivotal role. Schools offer foundational training, while government services provide additional support, ensuring workers in these roles are well-equipped for their work. This collaborative framework underpins the success and efficiency of attendants and helpers, demonstrating the crucial support network that enables these occupations to thrive.

Not only does this kind of framework support soon-to-be attendants and helpers in their school and work environments, but it also plays a role in how their services will be perfomed in the long run. And in the end that is all that matters – a happy customer will turn into a returning one. Make sure to be up to date with government programs and services that apply to your occupation and status.

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