NOC 6311 – Food service supervisors

NOC Version: NOC 2011

Position Summary for NOC 6311 - Food service supervisors

 NOC 6311 – Food service supervisors position involves overseeing the daily operations of food service establishments, including restaurants, cafes, and fast-food outlets. Responsibilities include coordinating staff, managing inventory, ensuring quality standards are met, and providing excellent customer service.

Job Titles Specific for NOC 6311 in Canada

  • Restaurant Supervisor
  • Kitchen Supervisor
  • Shift Supervisor (Food Service)
  • Food and Beverage Supervisor
  • Catering Supervisor
  • Dining Room Supervisor
  • Bar Supervisor
  • Fast Food Supervisor
  • Café Supervisor
  • Food Court Supervisor

Main Responsibilities common for NOC 6311 in Canada

1. Staff Supervision and Coordination: Supervising and coordinating the activities of food service staff, including servers, cooks, and other kitchen workers, to ensure efficient operations.

2. Food Preparation Oversight: Overseeing the preparation, cooking, and presentation of food items to meet quality standards and customer expectations.

3. Inventory Management: Monitoring inventory levels, ordering supplies, and maintaining stock to ensure adequate levels for daily operations.

4. Health and Safety Enforcement: Enforcing health and safety regulations, including food safety standards, sanitation practices, and workplace safety protocols.

5. Employee Training: Training new employees on job duties, company policies, and procedures to ensure consistent service quality.

6. Shift Scheduling and Task Assignment: Scheduling staff shifts, assigning tasks, and managing employee performance to optimize productivity and customer satisfaction.

7. Customer Issue Resolution: Resolving customer complaints or concerns in a timely and professional manner to maintain positive relationships and reputation.

8. Equipment and Facility Inspections: Conducting regular inspections of equipment, facilities, and work areas to identify and address any maintenance or cleanliness issues.

9. Promotional Strategy Implementation: Implementing promotional strategies, menu changes, or special events to attract customers and increase sales.

10. Operational Policy Development: Collaborating with management to develop and implement operational policies, procedures, and standards to improve efficiency and profitability.

Job Requirements for NOC 6311 in Canada

Under NOC 6311, Food Service Supervisors are classified as skilled workers who possess a combination of formal education, practical experience, and specialized skills in managing food service operations. These professionals demonstrate proficiency in overseeing the daily activities of food service establishments, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, and providing exceptional customer service. With their leadership abilities and knowledge of food safety standards, they effectively supervise and coordinate staff, manage inventory, and maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards in the workplace. Food Service Supervisors exhibit strong communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills, enabling them to handle various responsibilities and address challenges efficiently. Their dedication to upholding company policies and delivering high-quality service contributes to the success and reputation of food service establishments across diverse settings.

1. Education and Training: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent education in hospitality management, culinary arts, or a related field. Previous experience in the food service industry may be accepted in lieu of formal education.

2. Leadership and Supervisory Skills: Strong leadership qualities with proven experience in supervising and managing a team in a fast-paced environment.

3. Knowledge of Food Safety Regulations: Thorough understanding of food safety regulations, including food handling procedures, sanitation practices, and health and safety standards.

4. Customer Service Excellence: Exceptional customer service skills with a focus on providing a positive dining experience for guests.

5. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to effectively communicate with staff, customers, and management.

6. Organizational and Time Management Abilities: Strong organizational skills with the ability to prioritize tasks, manage time efficiently, and handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously.

7. Adaptability and Flexibility: Ability to adapt to changing circumstances, work under pressure, and adjust to different situations as they arise.

8. Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills: Effective problem-solving abilities with the capacity to make quick and informed decisions to resolve issues or address challenges.

9. Attention to Detail: Keen attention to detail with a focus on maintaining high standards of cleanliness, food quality, and overall presentation.

10. Compliance with Company Policies: Commitment to upholding company policies, procedures, and standards, including dress code, grooming standards, and ethical guidelines.

Median Hourly Wages by Provinces

Overall Canada: CA$28.00 per hour


  • Alberta: CA$32.00 per hour
  • British Columbia: CA$30.00 per hour
  • Manitoba: CA$27.00 per hour
  • New Brunswick: CA$26.00 per hour
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: CA$25.00 per hour
  • Nova Scotia: CA$26.00 per hour
  • Ontario: CA$29.00 per hour
  • Prince Edward Island: CA$24.00 per hour
  • Quebec: CA$27.00 per hour
  • Saskatchewan: CA$28.00 per hour

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