NOC 62010 – Retail sales supervisors

NOC Version: NOC 2021 Version 1.0

Position Summary for NOC 62010 - Retail sales supervisors

Retail sales supervisors (NOC 62010) in Canada are responsible for overseeing the operations of staff in retail establishments. They manage and coordinate the activities of sales teams, handle customer queries and complaints, ensure the achievement of sales targets, and maintain inventory control. These supervisors play a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and smooth daily operations in various retail settings.

Job Titles Specific for NOC 62010 in Canada

  • Retail Sales Supervisor
  • Department Store Supervisor
  • Grocery Store Supervisor
  • Sales Floor Supervisor
  • Merchandise Supervisor
  • Customer Service Supervisor
  • Team Leader – Retail Sales
  • Shift Supervisor – Retail
  • Retail Assistant Supervisor
  • Supervisor – Retail Cashiers

Main Responsibilities common for NOC 62010 in Canada

The main responsibilities of Retail Sales Supervisors (NOC 62010) include supervising and coordinating the activities of retail sales workers, managing staff schedules and performance, handling customer inquiries and complaints, ensuring the achievement of sales targets, maintaining inventory and order supplies, and ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures. They also play a key role in training new staff and may participate in the recruitment process.

Job Requirements for NOC 62010 in Canada

Job requirements for Retail Sales Supervisors (NOC 62010) typically include a high school diploma, with some employers preferring post-secondary education in business or retail management. Prior experience in retail sales, particularly in a supervisory role, is often required. Essential skills include strong leadership, customer service, communication, and problem-solving abilities. Proficiency in retail management software and an understanding of sales and inventory systems are also valuable. Additionally, the ability to work flexible hours, including weekends and holidays, is commonly expected in this role.

Median Hourly Wages by Provinces

  • Nationwide: CAD 20.15
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: CAD 18.75
  • Prince Edward Island: CAD 18.00
  • Nova Scotia: CAD 17.00
  • New Brunswick: CAD 17.98
  • Quebec: CAD 20.00
  • Ontario: CAD 20.15
  • Manitoba: CAD 20.00
  • Saskatchewan: CAD 21.50
  • Alberta: CAD 21.00
  • British Columbia: CAD 23.00

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