NOC 1241 – Administrative assistants

NOC Version: NOC 2011

Position Summary for NOC 1241 - Administrative assistants

NOC 1241 position in Canada entails providing administrative support and assistance to facilitate the efficient operation of offices, businesses, or organizations. Administrative assistants in this role perform a variety of tasks such as managing correspondence, scheduling appointments, and organizing documents to ensure smooth administrative workflows.

Job Titles Specific for NOC 1241 in Canada

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Administrator
  • Receptionist
  • Office Coordinator
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Secretary
  • Office Manager
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Administrative Support Specialist

Main Responsibilities common for NOC 1241 in Canada

  • Managing and prioritizing incoming communications, including emails, phone calls, and mail, and responding to inquiries or redirecting as necessary.
  • Scheduling appointments, meetings, and travel arrangements for executives or team members, coordinating calendars, and ensuring all logistical details are organized.
  • Maintaining electronic and physical filing systems, organizing documents, records, and databases to facilitate easy retrieval and efficient information management.
  • Drafting, formatting, and proofreading correspondence, reports, presentations, and other documents, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and adherence to organizational standards.
  • Assisting with the preparation and distribution of meeting agendas, materials, and minutes, as well as coordinating follow-up actions and deadlines.
  • Managing office supplies and inventory levels, ordering supplies as needed, and maintaining budgetary records to ensure cost-effective procurement.
  • Welcoming visitors, clients, or stakeholders to the office, providing assistance, directions, and hospitality to ensure a positive experience.
  • Coordinating office equipment maintenance and repairs, liaising with vendors or service providers to address technical issues promptly.
  • Supporting HR functions, such as onboarding new employees, maintaining personnel records, and processing payroll or expense reimbursements.
  • Providing general administrative support to various departments or teams, including photocopying, faxing, scanning, and other clerical tasks as required.

Job Requirements for NOC 1241 in Canada

The job requirements for positions under NOC 1241 in Canada typically include:

  • High school diploma or equivalent education; post-secondary education in office administration, business administration, or a related field may be preferred.
  • Proven experience in administrative roles, preferably in an office or business setting, with proficiency in office procedures, protocols, and administrative tasks.
  • Proficiency in using office software applications, including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and email management programs (e.g., Microsoft Office suite).
  • Excellent organizational skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks, manage multiple deadlines, and maintain attention to detail in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to interact professionally and effectively with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.
  • Discretion and professionalism in handling sensitive or confidential information, with respect for privacy and data security protocols.
  • Adaptability and flexibility to respond to changing priorities, tasks, and requests, demonstrating a willingness to learn new skills and take on new challenges.
  • Strong problem-solving abilities, with a proactive approach to identifying issues, proposing solutions, and resolving obstacles independently or collaboratively.
  • Customer service orientation and a friendly, helpful demeanor, with a commitment to providing responsive and efficient support to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Familiarity with office equipment and technology, including printers, scanners, fax machines, and multi-line phone systems, as well as basic troubleshooting skills for resolving technical issues as they arise.

Median Hourly Wages by Provinces

Overall Canada: CA$28.00 per hour


  • Alberta: CA$32.00 per hour
  • British Columbia: CA$30.00 per hour
  • Manitoba: CA$27.00 per hour
  • New Brunswick: CA$26.00 per hour
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: CA$25.00 per hour
  • Nova Scotia: CA$26.00 per hour
  • Ontario: CA$29.00 per hour
  • Prince Edward Island: CA$24.00 per hour
  • Quebec: CA$27.00 per hour
  • Saskatchewan: CA$28.00 per hour

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