Labour Shortages in Canada

Canada has been one of the top places that people opt to study, work, visit, and live. Known for being a diverse, multicultural country and richly blessed, aside from beautiful places and scenic views, Canada has to offer to cater to the needs of the majority, and various expanded pathways will help you gain experience and become a Permanent Resident of the country. Many Newcomers came to Canada using the Temporary Foreign Worker Program pathway.

At this point, the labour shortage is surging high because establishments and businesses are getting back on track after a long pause. According to Statistics Canada, there were 915,500 unfilled positions in the fourth quarter of 2021. That’s up by 63 percent compared to 2020

As the country bounced back from the wrath of a pandemic a couple of years ago, many businesses shut down, causing them to lay off their employees. The majority of the hospitality industry has been trying to fill hundreds of vacant positions by posting Ads on various platforms. Restaurants and hotels need people to help them operate seamlessly and cater to their customers’ demands. According to Statistics Canada, “The number of openings for jobs as servers, cooks, cleaners, and retail salespeople has in some cases more doubled”. Employers in this scenario will most likely attract foreigners’ attention if there are no qualified citizens to fill the roles as this is revenue impacting from the business owner’s point of view.

Temporary foreign workers and Newcomers play a significant role as they stabilize business staffing needs and fuel the country’s economic growth. At this unprecedented time, our economic growth is being kind of caught up. We need the presence of these Immigrants as Canada is labeled as a top destination for global talent.