Our philosophy and mission

Our philosophy 
Today’s Newcomers in Canada are just as diverse as Canada itself. Although all newcomers in Canada face unique challenges, many of them find mainstream education and career guidance beneficial and can transition into the workforce effectively with traditional approaches; others, however, face challenges due to their mainstream education and career guidance. 

These Newcomers may also face barriers and unique challenges due to other life factors. The mission of is to support and encourage Canadian employers and non-profit organizations to hire newcomers!

It is the goal of to foster and create long-term benefits for the Canadian newcomer market. To increase Newcomer’s Employment in the long term, the site supports active businesses who would like to collaborate with Newcomers and Newcomers organizations, communities, and businesses. Feel free to contact us now if you need any further information.

Our mission
We aim to bridge the divide between Newcomers and Employers in Canada by providing Newcomers of all backgrounds with an innovative, integrated and single platform that offers long-term career development opportunities between employer and employee.

We aim to provide a valuable resource in Canada aimed at improving the job skills of newcomers and reducing the high unemployment rate among newcomers in Canada.